Urbanistic and construction administration

Archive research, preliminary feasibility study, presentation to the administrations concerned, the necessary documentation, subject to the required authorizations for the implementation of the intervention.

Supervision and management

Control and supervision of the construction site, for its entire duration, through visits at every stage of the progress. Updating the execution drawings and regular reporting to the client.

Architectural design

Preliminary architectural design including the space division, sketches, renders, aimed at defining the project, according to the requirements of the client. Detailed design and execution.

Interior design and finishing

Selecting as well as designing handcrafted and custom-made furniture. Refinement of details and combination of different elements.

Structural and engineering coordination

Coordination and operational support, including the cooperation with experts and professional agencies specialized in mechanical and electrical installations as well as the achievement of the structural works.

Landscape design

Consultancy for the outdoor design and the enhancement of the landscape through defining the garden path, the terraces, the selection of suitable plants and other architectural features.


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