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Project Description

Class & Country Homes was developed starting from the desire to have an informal and dynamic workplace; the space faces the street that is located in the Campo de Fiori area in Rome, Via di Monserrato.

The space, through the chosen finishes and colors, shows the style that our studio seeks to imprint in the places we interact with, combining cold and industrial elements such as the concrete floor and the iron lights, with the warm and intimate elements such as the Pompeian wall, which gives a thought to the historical memory of this place, to which, only similar buildings that stand for centuries, allow it to persist, telling of the different periods and uses of the place, a way to honor the past of every painting that has followed and superimposed over time.

The office desk – over six meters long – represents the central element that “breaks” the space of the main room, the top is made of brass with a turquoise wooden frame recalling the the commercial logo of the customer’s business. The combination and the dialogue between an industrial material such as the concrete floor and a noble and shiny material such as the brass desk, are the stylistic synthesis of the space concept.




Class&Country Homes


Via di Monserrato, Roma





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