Boschetto 129

Project Description

Boschetto 129 is a complete renovation of a retail space, converting it into a street food bistrot, within a historic building located in the heart of the Monti area in Rome.


The reclaimed wood planks, of irregular trapezoidal forms, elaborated along the two halls of the restaurant, define the partitions of the interior, starting from the top of the service bar, to become irregular hanging shelves and finally tables for the clients. The display of the food for sale was completely designed and handcrafted, using recycled wood and tubular welded steel in order to create a modular lighting system to highlight the exposed products, recreating the old atmosphere of the shop, required by the customer. In order not to modify the vaulted ceiling and the existing frescoes, a squared tube was created, within which is installed the ventilation system and holds the suspended lights made of sandblasted glass bottles.




Boschetto Gourmet srl


Rome, Italy





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